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Soil Stabilization system - ALLU

Object´s construction on the North-West of Russia is often held on the weak, swamp and moving soils. Stabilizing of moving and weak soils is one of the most important tasks during the construction, often requiring innovative solutions, customized for one or another object.

The optimum and universale solution for weak soil has turned out to be one of the most recent finnish innovations, that is an ALLU company´s complex. This solution offers a fast and effective, cheap and safe way to strengthen a weak soil, to eliminate any deformation characteristics of weak soil and to reuse contaminated areas. The idea is to introduce the necessary amount of additives directly into the stabilizing soil masses (ground) and effective mixing of additives and soil mass to get them even. Thus, the problem of stabilizing weak and moving soil is solved quickly and efficiently. This working method is called The soil stabilization system.

JSC Sautek is one of the few companies equipped with two complete equipment complexes of ALLU company to perform weak soil stabilizing.

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ALLU complex consists of three components:

The first component “Needle” — ALLU PM Power Mix — is a universal, hydraulic, additional gagging equipment for excavators whereby the additives delivered to soil (or another stabilizing mass) are mixed to get the requested consistency to a depth up to 5 meters. There are also a "needle" of own design developed to stabilize the soil to a depth up to 7 m. This needle is unique and is available only at our Company.

The second component — ALLU PF Presser Feeder (feeder) — ensures the supply of various additives or cement through a hose. Feeder is a tank with a capacity approximately 7 m³ mounted on a self-propelled crawler. The latest modification of feeder provides dual feeder ALLU PF7+7 to ensure ongoing equipment operation: when one tank is empty, it can be refilled while cement is fed from another tank. This allows bringing downtime to a minimum and further to improve the efficiency of the equipment, reduce the cost of operations and increase the rate of return of the investments made.

The third component — ALLU DAC (Data Acquisition System) — is aimed at measuring, controlling and completing the reports on the stabilizing system performance, provides total control over stabilizing process. It is easy to manage the operations, it is done by excavator operator through remote control panel.

This approach can be applied, for example, to stabilize various types of clay, peat, slush mud, as well as any weak soils, that requires strengthening.

This method of soil stabilizing is faster and more efficient in comparison to traditional pile driving or changing groundwater reservoirs. It allows performing stabilization of soil from 0 to 5 m with no use of harsh chemicals without harming the environment. ALLU Stabilizing System can create plane, solid surface, even if it is a swamp or floodplain of the river used to be useless previously.

Additionally, stabilizing method may be used to process contaminated soil by method of sealing pollutant in the soil and preventing its leakage to adjoining areas.


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