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About the Company

JSC Sautek was founded in 1991 by the famous Finnish businessman, Sauli Valimaa. The principal activities of the company are the leasing of imported construction machinery and international autofreight forwarding.

JSC Sautek performs international transportation of oversized, hazardous (ADR), bulk, liquid, refrigerated cargo. JSC Sautek has developed a tank with Teflon coating to withstand any known types of corrosive liquids. The design of the tank and the chassis of trailer are lightweight allowing to transport up to 4 tons of cargo as additional cargo in comparison to the best competing companies dealing in international transportation.

Totally the Company has 250 units of construction equipment, approximately 80 units if trucks, over 60 units of diesel generators, modular diesel boilers, steam generating units, lifting equipment etc.

It is essential for the Company to offer the customer with any type of requested equipment, and in case any position is not available at the moment it is important to buy and delivered equipment at the site of the customer as soon as possible.

Sauli Valimaa is convinced the crisis will not last forever.

Crisis period reveals its positive side – an opportunity to test the competitiveness of the company, to explore the build-up of the costs. The company is proud of its employees and has them trained on ongoing basis.

Continuous hard work and self-reliance of the Company contributes to its growth and development, despite numerous ups and downs in the economy. Customers of the Company have been always attracted by the Company reliability, quality and efficiency.